12 WTF Facts Around The World That You Will Find Hilarious

Want to look at some facts that will knock your socks off? Yes, there are several facts around the world which are ridiculously hilarious. You will have a hard time digesting most of the facts. Have a look at the best out of them.


  • It is said that the more features your phone has the longer time you spend in the toilet.


  • Hitler’s food was once injected with female hormones. The Allies did this with the intention that it would make Hitler feminine.


  • Charlie Chaplin had once participated in a Charlie Chaplin lookalike contest and to everybody’s surprise he lost.


  • There is a term for people who have a phobia of long words and it is, Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia. Quite sarcastic!


  • Santa Anna, a Mexican general had hosted a funeral for his leg after it got amputated.


  • Dorset, an unincorporated community in Minnesota had a 3-year-old child elected as Mayor.


  • ‘Esposas’ is a Spanish word which carries two meanings: wives and handcuffs.


  • Star singer Shakira was rejected by her teacher from the school choir because according to the teacher she sounded like a goat.


  • It is hard to believe that ‘Gorilla gorilla gorilla’ is western lowland gorillas’ scientific name.


  • Coca cola had ended its deal with footballer Ronaldinho when the latter was spotted in a news conference sipping a Pepsi.


  • The founder of Match.com lost his girlfriend because she found her love interest on the same website.


  • In Norway, the words ‘even’ and ‘odd’ are used as names. Also, they do not carry the same meaning as that in English.


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