5 Potentially Dangerous Things You Come Through In Your Daily Life

There are certain things which are so commonly used in our daily life that we cannot imagine them doing any harm to us. Here are 5 potentially dangerous things you come through in your daily life. Make sure to keep this in mind and regulating their use is a must.

1. Air Fresheners


The air fresheners that you are using to have a pleasant ambience in your home, cars or any other surrounding is actually doing harm. Yes! They do produce a nice smell, but you have got to beware of the chemical phthalates that has been found in them. This hormone disrupting component has been discovered in 12 out of 15 air fresheners tested.

2. Nail Polish


This beauty product does lots more than just making your nails beautiful. They are tested to contain toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and formaldehyde commonly referred to as the ‘toxic trio’. Continuous exposure to these chemical components can lead to asthma and other developmental problems.

3. Lipstick


They make you look gorgeous and give your lips the perfect touch but are they really doing only this? The answer is obviously ‘NO’. Most of the lipstick brands have been tested and are found to contain lead. Lead consumption can prove to be deadly, but a regulated use is still ok. It is advisable to ensure that the lipstick is lead-free before you plan to purchase one.

4. Chocolate


If not that bad for humans, these are definitely harmful to dogs. People tend to offer chocolates to their pets and they do so out of love. A study has brought this to notice that there have been several dog deaths due to chocolate consumption. Methylxanthine poisoning is the reason behind it. The darker the chocolate the more harm it does.

5. Nutmeg


All these years you thought they have health benefits. Yes, they do have. But, like most things have both pros and cons, nutmegs, if had in excess will lead to health issues. Myristicin, the toxic substance present in nutmegs makes it hallucinogenic. You must be careful regarding the amount of nutmeg you are using in your food.

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