9 Celebrities With Crazily Expensive Body Parts

If you thought these celebs were crazy only after purchasing expensive gifts, house, cars, jewellery and stuff, then you will be shocked to know about their insured body parts.

Here are 9 celebrities with crazily expensive body parts.

1. David Beckham


Being an ace footballer, Beckham got his legs insured for $70 million. Mighty unbelievable!

2. Cristiano Ronaldo


Well, if Beckham’s leg insurance amount looks unbelievable, what would you call this? Ronaldo’s legs are insured for $195 million.

3. Rihanna


Okay, she has got a sexy voice and sexy legs too. What’s more? Her legs are insured for $1 million.

4. Taylor Swift


The singer has got her pretty legs insured for a hefty amount of $26.5 million.

5. Daniel Craig


Bond had to do many stunts during the filming of Quantum of Solace and hence he got his body insured for $9.5 million.

6. Julia Roberts


Oh! She’s got a lovely smile and we appreciate it that she has got it insured for $30 million. Pretty justified!

7. Gene Simmons


Kiss band member and bass guitarist Gene Simmons’ iconic tongue is world famous. He has got is insured for $1 million.

8. Miley Cyrus


Because you have seen varied pictures of this singer with her tongue sticking out, it is pretty easy to guess that Miley has her tongue insured. For how much! Any guesses? $1 million.

9. Kim Kardashian


Gorgeous, sizzling, attractive, sexy and what not! Kim has got her butt insured for $21 million. Hell yeah! She cannot afford to lose them, eh?

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